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How does it work?

You are welcome to drop in any day of the week and paint ceramics, though it is advisable to reserve a table if you plan to come Friday to Sunday. Our team is always here to help you and give you guidance and advice.

You can also participate in workshops if you register in advance. Information about what you can try at Made-by-You and the shop’s time schedules can be found under the “Workshops” menu.


How to start painting ceramics?

1. Choose a ceramic shape you like! You can choose from more than 100 different shapes.


2. Decide what you would like to paint. Don’t worry if you don’t happen to have an idea— we have lots of stencils and several catalogues full of patterns waiting for you. Keep your eyes open! If you see a pretty scarf or wrapping paper, a nice pattern in a book or the internet, print it out or photocopy it and bring it with you!
3. You can easily copy the pattern onto the ceramic form you choose with a pencil or ceramic indigo. The lines marked by the pencil or the indigo disappear during the firing process.
4. When you are ready with the outline you can then choose from many colors and surfaces. We have glazes that are of a single color, dotted and we also have matte glazes. At MadeByYou we shall show you how to use them all. All the glazes are pale and dull before firing, but after the process they will become bright and colorful. The special thing about our paints is that they are water- based so they do not stain, but they are long-lasting after firing. If you make a mistake, spilled paint on the table or on your clothes, don’t worry, just take a wet sponge and wipe it off. We also provide you with aprons to protect your clothes.
5. After this, all you need to do is start creating. We are always there to help you and to answer your questions. To make the atmosphere even more pleasant we offer you a cup of tea or lemonade.
6. When you are finished with your creation, you need to leave it at Made-by-You for 2­-5 days in order to be fired. The ceramics are fired at 1,000 degrees celcius, which enables the ceramics you paint to be of store quality— in other words durable and resistant to dishwashing, scraping, microwave as well as ice-cold and burning-hot liquids.
7. When you come back to pick up your work you’ll get bright pieces of ceramics which all bare the mark of your own hand. You can keep them for everyday use or even give them away as a gift—success is guaranteed! If you would like to plan ahead, browse our website! Different shapes and ceramics painted by our other customers can be found here, while you can read about ideas and painting techniques here. And if you would like to learn about our special offers and latest news, please subscribe to our newsletter!
We are looking forward to seeing you!


The Made-by-You Team

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