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Company Christmas


Would you like it if not only the location of the office Christmas party were taken care of, but the presents as well? If so, then come to MadeByYou and you will have them both off your hands! Not only will you have a good time and get into the holiday spirit, but also you don’t need to think about gifts to buy for your colleagues!
Or would you like everybody to paint for themselves? Then it should be the gift from the company to you!

How do we do company Christmas at MadeByYou?

The Christmas events last 2-3 hours and can be in the morning, afternoon or evening.
Participants have the opportunity to create unique, personal ceramic objects, either for themselves or as a present for a colleague.
They can choose from more than 100 different shapes, starting from traditional coffee cups through plates and ashtrays, all the way to more unconventional picture frames.
You don’t necessarily need to be skilled with your hands to paint ceramics! Through the use of interesting tools, entertaining techniques and funny inscriptions, anybody is able to paint ceramics that he/she likes as well as the person receiving the gift.
At the beginning of the activity we give the team a short tutorial. Our crew and the painted sample ceramics also help and give you ideas.
The maximum number of people is 45. For groups over 20 people and after 8 pm. we can guarantee that the event will be private.
We suggest establishing a price-limit of about 4,000-5,000 Ft per person within which the colleagues can choose freely from our supplies.
The ready ceramics can be picked up in Made-By-You within 2-5 days, or we can deliver them if necessary.

Teams are welcome to MadeByYou every year in November-December for a Creative Company Christmas!

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